1. Why should I have my resume professionally written?

You want and need to have a competitive edge. The job market has never been more competitive with the sending and posting of electronic documents. With the Internet and LinkedIn there are many more candidates now going for each job opportunity. With a lot of candidates out there with similar qualifications and experience chasing the same jobs, a professionally written resume makes you stand apart from the crowd and helps you beat your competition.

2. Does my resume influence salary?

Yes, it does. Your resume can greatly influence the salary offers you receive as well as the number and quality of job offers you generate. Your resume is a reflection of you. The initial perception of your resume greatly influences how hiring managers value your professional worth. Think of your resume as one of your most important financial documents! Your resume can be used as a tool to interview sooner and it will also represent you better. That way, you can maximize salary offers and cut your job-hunt time significantly. A small investment in a resume can yield a significant return via an increased salary. Simply stated – less time looking for a job and higher salary offers.

3. How will you get my information to write my resume?

You can send it through to our team via our website form or call us for more information at 888.215.1159. If you don’t have any documentation to send to our team, we can collect your information via phone and email. As a standard procedure at Best Price Resume, we generally speak or communicate directly with our clients to gather their information and career direction. Resume are important documents and may require we speak to the client to ensure we have a good understanding of the client’s experience and career goals.

For creating a high-quality resume that meets your expectations and presents you in the way you would consider appropriate, we think it is important to communicate with our clients to better understand their experience and future goals.

4. What if I don’t like my resume?

At Best Price Resume, we work closely with thousands of clients each year and deliver documents back to clients within 24 (business) hours. When we deliver your completed documents there will be directions to let us know what, if any changes you would like, and we will be happy to revise for you. As professional service providers, client satisfaction is at the forefront of our business. We guarantee all our resume and cover letters.

5. Do you do LinkedIn Profiles?

Yes! LinkedIn is the one social networking tool that allows employers to search for and recruit potential employees. You need a keyword-centric and properly formatted LinkedIn profile by following best practices that matches the professionalism of your resume. We can complete a transformation of your LinkedIn profile. We create for the client review first and then eventually for client posting.

6. How are you able to deliver documents within 24 hours?

We complete documents quickly because we have our own team of writers — no outsourcing. Your resume is completed by our team. We don’t require days to complete resume documents like most other services because we don’t outsource our resumes.

7. Can we discuss what is required for my new resume?

Yes! If you like, prior to payment just call us at 888.215.1159 and your Account Executive is available to discuss any personal requirements or additional information for your resume. Once payment is made, we will get started on your resume documents, from our team of writers to QA and then back to you, within 24 hours. After delivery of documents, we provide a 30-day period to request revisions. When our resume writers deliver your document(s), they will provide directions on how to correspond in writing directly with them on any changes you may like.

8. How do I order my resume?

You can order online from our website or we can send you an invoice.

If it is easier and you prefer to speak to a live person, call us at 888.215.1159.

Our order and delivery process is straightforward and hassle-free.

We will send you an invoice that allows you to pay securely online via your preferred mode of payment. We accept Credit Card and Debit Card (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover) as well as PayPal payments.

Once payment is made, we will send you a receipt and commence work on your documents immediately.

Within 24 hours, we’ll have completed documents back to you for your review in the editable Microsoft Word (.doc) format.

9. Do I need to provide information for my resume?

Yes. We do need some information from clients. We need to get some facts, such as: contact information, education, experience, etc. We can get this information from an existing resume, email, or over the phone. We want to make this aspect of the process as easy as possible for our clients. It’s our job to write your resume.

10. What goes in to writing my resume?

Your resume is a seamless convergence of information about you and your qualifications that has one goal: GET INTERVIEWS. To create a winning resume for you, we can collect information from three sources: your current resume, your input, and our research. We begin with what you already have in a current resume or draft. If you do not have a resume, you can provide us with basic information such as your educational background and work history. Your input will vary depending on the type/level of job you are after, and how you would like to present your professional credentials. Often, we encourage clients to tell us anything they feel might help in the writing process. In addition, our writers do research to help us piece together your credentials, identify industry keywords, and compare your information against ideal-candidate profiles for similar job descriptions.

11. Can I choose what type or format my resume is written?

Yes, you can. We always deliver in the editable Microsoft Word .doc format. If you require other formats, for example: .pdf, .rtf, .txt, just let your Account Executive know and well provide those as well. No, we do not charge more for other file formats.

12. How do I know which resume package is right for me?

Consulting with one of our Account Executives at 888.215.1159 can point you in the right direction. We evaluate where you’re at and where you’d like to be and make recommendations. We’ll discuss your career goals with you and evaluate the documents you submit (e.g. present or past resume versions and/or cover letters used previously). We’ll recommend a packages because they are the best value, but ultimately it is up to the client to select the service they would like.

13. How do I get started?

There are two ways to get started:

Look through our services and see which package suits your needs best. You can order online from our website.

Or, contact us (1-888-215-1159) and tell us directly what you need/want. Check our Order page for more details on how you can get started.

14. Do you guarantee your Resume and Cover Letter documents?

Yes. Guaranteed to get you an interview within 60 days or a job within 90 days. If not, we will provide you with a new resume for free.

15. Why are you less expensive than other sites who charge $400-$600?

We don’t outsource. Therefore, our costs are much lower and our prices are much lower. We do all the writing ourselves. Also, we use technology and client referrals to minimize our costs. Further, our entire staff is cross-trained and focused on resumes in the following capacities: writers, QA, and account executives. A small team of writers and account executives makes up our QA department. By multi-tasking and optimizing functions, we are able to significantly cut operating costs. Finally, our advertising and marketing costs are nearly zero because much of our business is derived via referrals from our past clients. It is not unusual for us to do resume documents for an entire family or a whole department that is getting downsized. What we are able to save by running a cost-effective operation translates into cost savings for our clients – a win-win solution. Clients get a GREAT price on a GREAT resume, and we regularly get additional referrals from happy customers.

16. Do I need to join PayPal to securely order a resume?

No, you don’t. You can pay for your order securely online using a credit card or debit card (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover).

17. Do you offer resume samples?

Yes, we have a collection of past work done showcased here on our website for client review. Browse through our collection of samples and see our quality for yourself.

18. What sets your writers apart from the other resume writing services?

Our writers are not just talented professional writers; they’re informed certified resume writers who have prepared thousands of winning resumes. Our team of writers can produce effective resumes because they are familiar with the hiring process. They know how to use a resume to communicate with hiring managers to get our clients INTERVIEWS. That mix of talent and familiarity with the various industries defines the difference between a resume and a resume written by a professional certified resume writer.

19. Will my information be confidential?

Yes. It is Best Price Resume’s policy to keep client information under the strictest of confidence. Please review our privacy policy for more information. We do archive client resumes in case our clients lose their documents (hard drive). No, we do not charge more for archiving resumes. Just call us and we will send out to you again.

20. How can I be confident in your resume writing services?

At Best Price Resume, quality speaks for itself. We are A+ rated by the BBB. Our writers have experience that spans decades. They have done thousands of resumes for a wide range of customers (CEOs of publicly-traded companies, administrative assistants, teachers, customer service representatives, sales representatives, registered nurses, IT Developers, etc.). Combined with our knowledge of various industries – IT, healthcare, business, education, etc. – our writers know how to highlight your attributes and accomplishments in ways your competition can only dream of. Your new resume will be the envy of your peers.