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Create an Effective Information Technology (IT) Resume

We are deeply experienced in IT resumes and we know that all IT jobs are not alike. Additionally, it is important your skills are properly aligned to your experience and career goals. When we create IT resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn Profiles for our clients, we generally separate into 3 different specialty areas: application development (programmers, developers, software testers, web developers, etc.); infrastructure support (help desk technicians, network engineers, system administrators, etc.); and project management (project managers, implementation consultants, migration specialists, etc.).

We follow our resume writing best practices when revising, updating, and overhauling your resume to be effective for the IT field. We have a great deal of IT industry experience and experience in creating IT resumes. We have a fundamental idea of the technology, roles, and responsibilities. For example, we make sure your IT resume is formatted properly and contains appropriate keywords that will trigger applicant tracking systems (ATS) to flag your resume for review by hiring managers.

Does your resume consider the best practices noted above? If not, we can certainly help you in a timely (24 hours) and affordable manner. Plus, we guarantee all our resumes. We are fully prepared to get started on completing your new resume today! Your completed resume documents are back to you for your review within 24 hours. Also keep in mind, the biggest secret of getting approached by Hiring Managers is in using LinkedIn.

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Summary of Qualifications for an IT Resume

We find that for IT professionals the Summary of Qualifications section is the most difficult part of the resume for clients to create properly. Often times our clients will have plenty of experience, education, and certifications, but their Summary sections (at the top of the resume) are well below their experience level. Often times, we are sure recruiters never move beyond the poor Summary section and just move on to the next candidate.

The Summary of Qualifications section outlines the most impressive parts of your qualifications to align your past experience toward future career goals. Remember your resume is not an essay or letter in the first person. The Summary section should be keyword rich and with strong content, but not a listing of technical skills and jargon.


Most employers will expect to see some education and/or certification of some type in an information technology-related field. Depending on your experience level, that will determine how we structure. For example….

For an entry-level IT resume we would likely list education/certification toward the top of the resume with keyword-rich content and relevant course/projects as well as skills (computer savvy, application development, software packages, etc.). For example, one of the easiest ways to improve an entry-level resume is to list some completed projects and how you contributed to successfully completing the project. For younger workers with limited experience, it is a great way to prove that you already have the skills necessary for the job while also showing that you have experience as well.


Associate of Science – Computer Systems and Support

Bachelor of Science – Computer Science and Engineering

Master of Science – IT Infrastructure and Project Management

IT Certifications

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • CompTIA A+ Technician (A+)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Cloud Technology Professional (CCTP)
  • EMC Cloud Architect (EMCCA)

Resume Formatting for IT Professionals

Consistent formatting can be challenging for IT candidates. For our clients, we keep it concise (usually 1-2 pages), traditional, simple, and consistent throughout. So it is easily readable by hiring managers and resume scanning systems. The proper format helps highlight the most important information for clients.

We transform resumes into a readable bullet format, for hiring managers to quickly identify the pertinent IT skills and accomplishments that are important to potential employers. We use bullets with keywords and content that directly aligns client experience with new career opportunity. Then we draw attention to IT details to showcase candidates’ skills to match new positions they are seeking.

Achievements for IT Resumes

Finally, getting accomplishments into an IT resume is important. Most people, just simply list day-to-day duties and tasks. However, it is important to list a few unique achievements that you accomplished that helped your employer. For example: Improved system performance, resulting in increased workplace efficiency and reduced yearly costs of $2,000 per server in data center. Provided leadership in system redesign, resulting in a 25% reduction in processing time and a 32% reduction in personnel costs.

By listing a few unique accomplishments to our clients’ resumes, we can distance them from their competition who more often than not just have a lackluster list of skills.

Keywords for an IT Resume

Depending on a clients experience and their stated career direction will dictate the appropriate keywords for us to consider….. below is a small list of some IT keywords….

Computer Hardware

Computer Software

Internet Applications


Operating Systems


Internet Security

Data Privacy


Agile Development

Database Administration


Front-End & Back-End Development

Cloud Management

Data Synchronization

Project Management

Technical Writing…

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