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Writing Your Resume

Writing Your Resume

  1. List your Personal Details

These will be on the header of your resume. This should include your name, address with zip code, phone number and email address (avoid using an unprofessional e-mail address). If you are having a writer complete the resume for you make sure to provide your resume writer with all your information. Let the resume writer decide what is the appropriate information to highlight.

  1. List Your Experiences and Skills

List your current or most recent job first, and work backwards in time. Include your job title, your employer’s name, and the city and state in which it is located. Also, the start and end dates (month and year) of your employment. For each position, add a summary of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Don’t worry if there are gaps in the timeline, but keep everything in chronological order, with most recent jobs at the top. Always start each achievement with an accomplishment verb. If you’re not familiar with this, your resume writer can take of it for you. Have your resume writer decide what is the appropriate information to highlight.

  1. List Your Education

List the schools you’ve attended, starting with the most recent one. Include details such as GPA, class rank or special awards. Also, include your training programs, community college or summer courses, and seminars. Again, let the resume writer decide what is the appropriate information to highlight.

  1. List Your Activities

This is where to list your membership or leadership positions in clubs, organizations of any kind, athletic teams, community organizations and so on. If you’ve had an interesting job unrelated to the field you’re pursuing, add it here. If you are unsure which ones should be included, your professional resume writer will filter it for you.

Generally, don’t waste space including references on your resume. Employers assume that you can provide them with these. You should be proactive and provide a printed list of references during an interview.

Listing the raw data you want included in your resume will ensure that your professional resume writer will not miss any important details. Let the resume writer review the details and decide what is important and how to structure and organize. Experienced resume writers recognize each client is unique and there are no one size fits all or templates to create an effective resume. At Best Price Resume all of our writers are experienced in the different fields from having completed thousands of resumes. The resume writing process remains the same, but each completed resume is handcrafted and unique to the client, providing clients with an effective resume in a fast and affordable manner.

Best Price Resume (888.215.1159) develops for clients effective resumes and can help you gain a competitive advantage over your competition. It is worth considering paying someone to write your resume. Resume writing is a bit of an art, and it can be more efficient to just send all of your information and hand it off to a professional resume writing service.