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Fatal Resume Mistakes

Fatal Resume Mistakes

  1. Including an objective statement

Use a Summary of Qualifications instead. Summarize your experience and qualifications for the reader. Briefly explain what you’re great at, most interested in, and how you can provide value to a prospective employer. Make this about what you can do for the employer. The dated Objective Statement is about what the company can do for you, and it should be left back in the 20th century.

  1. A cover letter is not necessary

Yes, you need a cover letter! There is little downside in using a well-developed cover letter and tremendous upside to distance yourself from your competition. As professional resume writers, we know the cover letter is the best place to introduce yourself, identify your goals, and briefly describe why you are a good fit for the position. At Best Price Resume we create cover letters at an affordable price while balancing your experience to positions by being strong, but flexible for multiple opportunities.

  1. Using an inappropriate email address

Cute email addresses you used in college are not the best choice to represent your professional brand today. The same goes for shared family accounts and email addresses that are from last century (you’ve got mail and no job offers). Consider signing up for a free email account through say Gmail and use it exclusively for job search-related activities and LinkedIn.

  1. Using free resume-generation programs

Avoid using free resume builders. We see these all the time – our first impression is like it looks good and then we remember the format looks familiar to the dozens of others we have seen with the same formatting. Hiring managers will spot them in an instant too. Then the devil is in the details, we start to read and errors everywhere and we stop. For us, a professionally written resume has a great design, but it is also error free and unique to the client to get them above their competition.

  1. Your resume is unfocused

Don’t think that a resume is one-size-fits-all. Not only is each individual unique, you want content that has competitive differentiation to get you to the top of the hiring manager’s pile of resumes. Your resume should clearly state what you do, what you are good at, and what you have accomplished. If you need help, consider paying someone to write your resume.

Best Price Resume (888.215.1159) can write you an effective resume to help you gain a competitive advantage over your competition. It is worth considering paying someone to write your resume. Resume writing is a bit of an art, and it can be more efficient to just send all of your information and hand it off to a professional resume writing service.